Let's Speak Bamanankan

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Let’s Speak Bamanankan is based on the communicative approach to language learning. Most importantly, language structures and cultural aspects are all embedded in the different monologues, dialogues, and narratives. Diverse aspects addressed by the monologues, dialogues, and narratives touch on different aspects of life in the target society.

This book tries to provide the learner(s) with the necessary tools for speaking, listening, reading, and writing the Bamanan language taking into consideration the 5 C’s that apply (communication, culture, connection, comparison, and community). Its aims are multidimensional in the sense that it equips the learner(s) with an understanding of the language structure and concomitantly with learning the Bamanan culture through culture aspects as explained in this book. Speaking and listening will be reinforced by the monologues and dialogues that are the core components of language learning in the Bamanan society.

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