Let's Speak Zulu

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Let's Speak Zulu (Masikhulume isiZulu) features a series of lessons that are aimed at providing the learner with the communicative use of isiZulu. Therefore, the teaching and learning approach adopted here is based on a functional-notational syllabus. It is also hoped that learners who use this book will be able to master the functions and the structures of the language as well as the culture of the Zulu language. The main aim of the book is to present learners with multidimensional material that takes into account both linguistic and cultural knowledge. This integration will equip learners not only with linguistic competence, but also with the ability to communicate in a way that is culturally acceptable and appropriate in the Zulu language. As a result, most of the material used in this textbook is authentic. This is illustrated by the use of as many real-life situations, authentic pictures, and as much cultural information as possible. Finally, to ensure the success of learners in learning Zulu, every lesson incorporates the four language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading.

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